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Amazing art that I just love and want!


  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? I would have just started high school.

  2. What does your username mean? It is simple. J-ohn Mill-er ART jmillart

  3. Describe yourself in three words. Dedicated, busy, and moral.

  4. Are you left or right handed? Right handed

  5. What was your first deviation? 

  6. Angry wolf 1 by jmillart this one. I've gotten better. I can draw without a reference now.
  7. What is your favorite type of art to create? anthropomorphic (sometimes furry even)

  8. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? Fully realistic art.

  9. What was your first favorite? SFW refsheet by Yellow-eyes

  10. What type of art do you tend to favorite the most? werewolves and dragons. 

  11. Who is your all-time favorite deviant artist? It's hard to say. I love :iconwindwo1f:'s art and several others have great art as well.

  12. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? I'd like to meet several. And i've met several too. I think I'd like to meet :icon3waycrash: he's super cool.

  13. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? Several have. :iconlazywolf: was a sort of friend and mentor for years. :iconphiltackular: helped me at a time of my life when I was very depressed. :icon toledo-the-horse: has always been a very positive influence in both art and style. lately I've impacted and in return have been impacted by :iconlonelycaon: in perhaps one of the best ways. I think you all know by now I'm in love with :iconwindwo1f: She has blessed me the most!

  14. What are your preferred tools to create art? wacom cintiq and physical mediums. So much fun to just make stuff. I'd do it all day all day if i could.

  15. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? 

  16. What is your favorite DeviantArt memory? 


  • Listening to: Music
  • Reading: Bible and Book of Mormon
  • Playing: with my pencil+the dogs
  • Eating: Cake


       Jacob had long since given up on his old dream. Who would know, who would care, who could he even tell about it? He used to know several who were just as obsessive as he was, maybe even more so. He couldn't believe himself when the dream faded. That painful lust to be something more than man, more than beast. Each full moon he and his old friends would howl at the moon and laugh before hanging out. But it had been a long time since then. He was no longer a young man, in fact rather old.

       So old, so alone, so filled with regret. Angry at himself for the moments when he wavered in his faith, mistrusted friends and those who only wanted to help him. Regretting the times he should have been kinder and the ones he had pushed away. His children and grandchildren thought of him as a great man. They never knew about his werewolf dream, or the friends he once shared it with, but pushed away. He himself had forgotten about it for many years, especially after Laura had died. It didn't mean anything to him without someone to share it with.

       Jacob kissed a picture of his wife and children before placing his old bones between the sheets for a good nights rest. He felt odd that night. It was almost as if he felt a yearning for his past as the full moon light filtered through his window. Quietly he muttered towards the heavens, perhaps only to himself. To his surprise he thought he heard a reply. He could not tell from where and he sat up in his bed as he heard it.

       “Jacob, so old, so patient and faithful. I give you now what you once wished so hard for.”

       Jacob’s body began to feel alive. It was a miracle. His bones didn’t ache, and he had strength in his limbs again. He smiled pleasantly and noticed his new itch. He rubbed his arm and paused for a moment. He saw a coat of rough gray fur beginning to grow. Jacob stood up, smiling and for a moment letting a tear run down his face. He remembered this dream. As if his memories were renewed he recalled the joys and sorrows of his old friends and wife, the discussions they had, the fun, the arguments, the laughter, and the falling out.

       He flexed his toes as they quietly reshaped themselves into a canine shape. His nose twitching as it grew dark and long. His silky gray hair melting into the new fur. He balanced on his new feet and walked towards a mirror. He reached forward and touched the reflection in disbelief as his hand became paw like, developing canine nails and paw pads. He watched his ears grow tall and pointed atop his more animalistic head. His muzzle extending with gray on his snout. He wagged his tail slightly. He was still old but perhaps so alive. Jacob howled in joy seeing he had become exactly as his old imagined werewolf self would be. If only he could share this gift. If only… If only. The memory of his old friends. His pack. How they fell apart, he no longer knew anything about them or how they were doing. Staring at his landline he wished he could remember their numbers.

       He was old. Too old perhaps to enjoy the full extent of this blessing. Too filled with regret to be happy with it. He wished he had a way to share it with his old friends. Wished there was a way to make amends. But too late. Too late. Jacob howled his sorrows at the moon, tears on his furry face, now out of sadness and regret.

       For a moment Jacob forgot how to be happy, the joy was lost in the sorrows, fading like the sound of his howl through his home. The old wolf sat down on his bed crying. Had those petty arguments or selfish ambitions been worth anything? No. In the end, it did not. He had lost the treasure of his past dream, once shared with those he loved as friends.

       “I’m sorry, so sorry I can not share this with any of you… I suppose… I suppose I can share it with you Laura. When I die and reach the other side of the veil. Perhaps… Perhaps one of our younger grandchildren will be wiser than I. Perhaps I can share it with one and this old wolf may be at peace.”

       Jacob laid back down on his bed, too tired to remember the fantasies of hunting in the woods, or being werewolves with his buddies. He was tired. He needed his rest.
An old wolf's dream
So, I was challenged to write something about the size of one page in a half hour before school started up next week. Just to get me back in shape for writing all the essays and papers I will need to write.

Kinda a tragic one. But hey, a good tragedy every now and then is good. It's almost a lost art.

So what do you think?
Dragon Dart by jmillart
Dragon Dart
Took a moment to make a bit of personal art to help get me in the mood to finish the rest of my que. I have always loved Oriental dragons. So here is a lung dragon Dart!
Hard to balance by jmillart
Hard to balance
Another YCH transformation commission. This one with some inspiration from Haborus. For Andy on FA.

Turns out it is really hard to balance on your back paws as a natural (to be) quadruped.


John Miller
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Commission info:…

I am a student at BYU who loves nature, anthro art, and am currently improving myself in all artistic fields. I can do most anything in any medium and am constantly getting better.

Please do not use my art for anything without my express permission.

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